Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Review: CLIF Mojo Dipped Chocolate Peanut Trail Mix Bar

CLIF has a seemingly endless amount of product lines.  Original energy bars, protein bars, trail mix bars, women's bars, etc.  Since I'm the type of guy that likes to cover everything, it's time to try out on of their sweet and salty Mojo Trail Mix bars.  They even have different varieties of their Mojo bars as they have the regular bars and also the dipped bars. For these purposes, I tried out one of the dipped bars and got the Dipped Chocolate Peanut variety.  It was on sale at Kroger for $1.00 and weighs in at a semi-smallish 1.59 ounces with 200 calories and eight grams of protein.

Physically looking at this one, I can't see how they can really call it "dipped", per se.  Sure, the bottom later is chocolate, but dipped in my mind means that there would be more chocolate.  Semantics aside, obviously I can confirm that there is chocolate as a base layer topped by the usual rice crisp mix that contains pretzels large and plentiful honey roasted peanuts.  They definitely are not shorting the peanut part of the trail mix equation and that is a very good thing.  The rice crisp and peanut mix is then held together by an organic peanut butter binding (this claims to be all natural and 70% organic).  Somewhat oddly, the bar is more of a flat and thin shape than most bars, but that's not neither here nor there.  Just an observation as I'm sure that doesn't affect the taste.

Biting into this, the first thought is it is extremely crunchy.  Second thought is that they definitely did not skimp on the peanuts, because the peanut flavoring is especially strong.  Have strong,  positive feelings toward peanuts like I do certainly made me enjoy this taste even more.  If you don't like peanuts (and don't have a nut allergy), you may be put off by how strong for the taste.  It was so strong, in fact, that it overwhelmed the taste of the chocolate.  In fact, the chocolate didn't really taste like sweet chocolate at all as it had more of a flat taste to it.  That's kind of a problem when this was supposed to be the "sweet" component of the sweet and salty mix, but it's not a major issue in the end as the sweetness of the honey roasted peanuts helps add that necessary sweetness that is missing from the chocolate.

Buy It or Fly By It?  Assuming you like trail mix (it's on my do not purchase list because I like it TOO MUCH), you are really going to like this bar, so I say definitely BUY IT.  The only thing this is really missing, in my mind, is the raisins in order to make it a full on trail mix treat.  Missing raisins aside, this is still a very good bar and yet another winner for CLIF.


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