Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Review: Magnum White Chocolate Ice Cream Bar

Magnum Bars just surfaced here in America in the summer of 2011.  They apparently have been in Europe for quite some time and have developed quite a reputation and therefore debuted to much fanfare here in the United States due to their supposed "high class" European reputation.  I've had them in my pre-blog days, but I'll review them here in case anyone wants another opinion.  The flavor I'm looking at today is the White Chocolate Magnum bar that I picked up in a three pack at Marsh on sale for $3.99.  Each bar contains 250 calories and weighs in at 3.38 ounces.

As you can see, Magnum bars continue to sell their "high class" reputation by coming in shiny gold wrappers.  Each bar consists of a core of vanilla ice cream frozen onto a branded wooden stick and then is coated by a hard white chocolate outer layer.  If you look close enough, you can see the small vanilla flecks in the vanilla ice cream in the bar.  Outside of the appearance of the vanilla flecks, I can't say anything about this bar completely surprised me.

One thing that did surprise me is how strong the taste of the vanilla ice cream and white chocolate was in this bar.  I was expecting a flat vanilla ice cream, but this ice cream was sweet and rich. The vanilla bean flecks in the ice cream also added a strong vanilla flavor and that was definitely very much appreciated.  The white chocolate exterior was also very crunchy, extremely sweet and also extremely rich.  Frankly, it was dreamy and the creamy vanilla ice cream mixed with the creamy white chocolate was about as sinful of a treat as you could ever possibly imagine.

Buy It or Fly By It?  Being that I'm not really a fan of ice cream bars on a stick and I'm drooling as I type of the review of this one, I would say that clearly means that this one gets a BUY IT rating.  This bar definitely lives up to the hype in "class" and taste, so if you want something dreamy and really like white chocolate, you are going to really, really like this bar.



  1. The double chocolate variety is way more sinful. You have to give those a try if you haven't already.

  2. @Nick: I have definitely seen those in the stores and have always wondered. I have an Almond review already written and Double Caramel is sitting in my freezer as we speak, so I'll get to Double Chocolate eventually!

  3. I had a fit when I saw these at wal mart and then a full orgasm when I had one. To. Die. For .

  4. @Tessa: LOL. Glad to read/see about your experience...I usually only see that kind of stuff late at night on Cinemax. :)


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