Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Review: Kozy Shack No Sugar Added Rice Pudding

I've covered here before that I like rice pudding a lot.  It's not for everyone because of its odd texture, but I personally like it.  In terms of store bought products, the only ones I've ever had are the JELL-O pudding cup versions (Creme Brulee review is here).  I've never had any other brands and when I saw that this Kozy Shack No Sugar Added Rice Pudding was on sale at Meijer for $2.00 for a four pack (normally $3.00 or more), I was intrigued enough to make a purchase.  Each cup weighs four ounces, which makes it smaller than a JELL-O pudding cup.  On the calorie front, each pudding cup contains 70 calories.

There is no added flavoring in this one, so it's just plain rice pudding and all that entails.  As you can see very faintly in the picture above, this is just pudding with grains of cooked rice in it.  Nothing too surprising or earth shattering here.  Comparing it to the JELL-O versions though, I would say that this one was not nearly as creamy (or as large).

After my first spoonful, I could tell there was another difference between the JELL-O versions of rice pudding and the Kozy Shack version of rice pudding:  this one does not taste very good.  If I had to describe it, I would say that this basically tasted like something that was a little thicker than 2% milk.  I could taste the rice in the texture of the pudding, but in terms of flavor, all I tasted was milk.  No creaminess, no added flavor, nothing.  I'd like to come out and say that this was repulsive or something like that, but when you have no discernible characteristics or flavor, it's tough offer any sort of strong stance on this one other than to say that you were disappointed. 

Buy It or Fly By It?  No doubt on this one, FLY BY IT.  It's flavorless, boring and a waste of time.  It may cost roughly the same as the JELL-O pudding products, but you get two less cups of pudding, smaller cups and decidedly less flavor.  Don't waste your time on this.



  1. Unfortunately, I have found Kozy Shack puddings to be consistently disappointing... runny and flavorless. It's a shame, as some of their varieties *sound* so promising: seasonal flavors like peach and pumpkin spice (not sure if they make those anymore), classic rice pudding, even a line of bread puddings... but every single flavor has been a letdown for me.

    I love pudding, but I will stick to Zensoy, Jell-O, and Snack Pack from now on.

  2. If your go to your local hospital, the sugar free vanilla is excellent but is only available to hospitals. Hospitals also have the Kozy Shack sugarfree chocolate which is also great, but when I called corp. they said it has a very limited distribution to retail and the customer service rep. says they get calls all the time for the sugar-free vanilla/chocolate to be available in stores but corporate never does anything about it.....what a bunch of dumb "Dip-Shacks" in marketing of that company!

  3. I have been trying to find the no sugar added vanilla pudding for sale in a retail store and came across this site. I am currently in hospital and this pudding is one of a couple things I can eat, tastes good and stays down. Can't believe they don't sell or stock retail. Makes no sense to me.


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