Friday, December 2, 2011

Review: JELL-O Sugar Free Boston Cream Pie Pudding

Being that I'm a rube and have lived a mostly sheltered life, I had never heard of Boston Cream Pie until later in life.  One day, I was in the store and I saw a donut called "Boston Cream" that looked pretty good and decided to give it a shot and LOVED it.  I was so overcome by its deliciousness that when I got home, I decided to hop onto the Google machine and do some more research on this new mystical food product that I had found so that I could learn more about it and came to find out the donut was based on a cake called a Boston Cream Pie (funny that a cake is called a pie, but I don't name these things).  I'm sure any Tom, Dick and Harry knows what Boston Cream Pie is, but being the moron that I am, this was a major discovery.  From that moment on, I made it my singular goal to devour every single Boston Cream Pie-related product I ever came across for the rest of my life.

Some time later, I was buying JELL-O pudding cups to fulfill my strange pudding infatution and stumbled upon JELL-O Sugar Free Boston Cream Pie Pudding (no real website for the product; smooth move there, JELL-O).  Could it be true?  Could JELL-O have found a way to combine these two wonderful and delicious foods?  I've had this pre-blog, but for the purposes of the review, I'll pretend this was my first time having it.  By the way, I picked this up in a six pack at Meijer for $2.50 and each sugar free pudding cup is four ounces and contains 60 calories.

As you can see from the primary picture (no overhead shot was taken because all it would have been was a picture of the top of the cup), this pudding has a white base that symbolizes the vanilla cream custard of the namesake Boston Cream Pie.  On top of that is the chocolate layer that would ordinarily sit on top of the pie as a type of frosting.

How similar does this taste to its namesake pie?  The answer is:  pretty darn close.  The bottom vanilla cream layer does not have the consistency of normal pudding, but actually has a semi-thick custard-y (yes, I made up that word) base that is more like a cream that you would find in the actual pie.  The vanilla flavor is strong, cooling and creamy.  On top of that is the chocolate layer that is thinner than the usual chocolate pudding and has a stronger, yet not as sweet taste as normal chocolate pudding.  When you look at this, you kind of figure that it is chocolate pudding stacked on top of vanilla pudding, but after you taste it, it really isn't that at all.  This one really does taste like a Boston Cream Pie and in all honesty, the only flavor it is missing is the actual chewy cake pieces that you would get in the real thing.  It's an acceptable trade-off though because this pudding cup is really darn good.

Buy It or Fly Buy It?  I think it is pretty obvious by now...BUY IT!!  This is a more than acceptable (and less calorie dense obviously) version for one of the greatest cakes/donuts that exists and I would eat this after every meal.  In fact, at the point of writing this post (I write nearly all of them well in advance of post date), I've had one of these at home for dinner for seven of the last eight weeknights (weekend dinners are "on the road").  LOL, I think I may be obsessed.



  1. Normally, I stay away from JELL-O pudding cups. I for some reason I can't stand them; I think it's a consistency thing for me. I'm the type of person who prefers who pudding to be more like the Snack Packs pudding. Mm, snack packs..

    However, I might have to give these a try! Speaking of Boston Cream Pie, have you tried the BCP Yoplait yogurt flavor? I love it so much! It tastes just like the filling in a Boston Cream donut.

  2. @Smile: I have tried the Yoplait version and found it particularly horrifying. I don't think I've ever been more disappointed by a Boston Cream Pie flavor product in my life.

  3. @IndianapolisEater: Ahaha, oh really? Well that's only slightly embarrassing - me raving about something you hated. Sorry to hear you didn't care for them. Ah well, more for me I guess. =P

  4. this sounds amazing....the perfect culinary vehicle for this flavor.

    1. See if you can find it in your store. You won't regret it!


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