Saturday, December 17, 2011

Next Week Is Bar Week!

If you haven't figured it out already, I eat a lot of protein/nutrition/energy/snack bars.  Because of this, I've got a TON of reviews written for these bars that have yet to be published for the site.  As a way to burn through these, I'm going to commit all of next week to reviewing some of these bars.  It's a good way to find out about a "healthy"  snack prior to being a glutton over the Christmas weekend.

Since there are so many different varieties of bars out there, every day will be a review of a manufacturer that has not yet been featured on the blog (there were two new ones last week, so this is a continuing theme).  Manufacturers include Balance Bar, Larabar, KIND, PROMAX and PowerBar.

Don't fret though (like you would have anyway), there are still a whole lot of bar reviews coming in the future, so I'm sure you are all waiting anxiously.  Ha!

Thank you again for reading.  I can only hope that you have as much fun reading my reviews as I do writing them.

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