Monday, November 14, 2011

Review: Planters NUT-rition Antioxidant Bar

Hey, the first Planters review! This bar is part of their NUT-rition line of products (they also have mixes in jar form, etc.) and this one is formulated as the Antioxidant blend.  The Antioxidant blend consists of almonds, blueberries, cranberries, peanuts and coated in dark chocolate.  I'm not going to play amateur scientist here, but I'm guessing that blend is good for your antioxidants.  Anyway, it's 160 calories per bar and I picked this up as part of a five pack box at Marsh for around $3.50 (I think, it's been a while).

Texturally, you can tell they did not mess around with the amount of nuts that they put in here and you'd expect that from something called a "NUT-trition" bar.  The peanuts and almonds are quite sizeable and deservedly overwhelm the bar while the blueberries and cranberries are just little bits spread through the mix.  The bottom of the bar is solid dark chocolate and the tops and sides of the bar are drizzled with a plentiful amount of that same dark chocolate.

As you would expect based on the texture, the taste of the nuts overpowers everything in this bar, other than the chocolate.  When comparing the two nuts in the blend, you can't really taste a lot of almond (it's more a mild nut anyway) as the peanuts add a very strong flavoring.  For a product put out by Mr. Peanut himself, this is again what you would expect.  Sadly, I found the berry flavoring to be virtually undetectable.  I'm sure it was there though because I could feel my antioxidants improving with each crunchy bite.  Obviously I'm kidding, but you get the point.  As for the chocolate, it was an excellent compliment.  If there were ever two flavors that belong together, it is peanuts and chocolate and Planters obviously took this into consideration when buying this bar.  Since it is dark chocolate,  it is more of a tart taste instead of sweet, but the good news is that there is a strong amount of chocolate in each bite.  For someone that loves peanuts and chocolate like myself, this is a welcome taste.

Buy It or Fly By It?  Mr. Peanut nailed this one, so I say BUY IT.  It's not a calorie bomb with only 160 calories and it makes for a nice little snack to get you through the day (or to start your day).



  1. Thanks, again, for the reviews - loving this site!!

  2. Laura, thanks for the comment and thanks for checking out the site. I'm loving the readers and feedback!


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