Friday, September 30, 2011

Review: Walden Farms Creamy Bacon Salad Dressing

As the mission of this blog states, I'm always looking for a way to cut calories and Walden Farms salad dressing certainly fit the bill as they are calorie free.  I've written about some Walden Farms products before in a post at, but one of the dressing I didn't cover at that time was the Creamy Bacon variety.

When I saw this new (to me) Walden Farms Creamy Bacon Salad Dressing flavor in the store, I knew I had to try it on top of my salad.  You may disagree with me, but I find bacon to be one of the most overrated foods that exist.  Don't get me wrong, I like bacon as much as the next guy, but the way people blubber and drool over it ("everything is better with bacon", etc.) actually angers me.  Sorry, nothing is that life altering.  Dissertation aside, I was anxious to try this one because I thought there'd be no way that this dressing would live up to its name.

Having had Walden Farms products before, I know that they tend to be very runny and that's what I was expecting when I purchased this one at Kroger for ~$3.75.  When I opened the bottle and poured a little out for a test, I was pleasantly surprised.  Granted, it's not "creamy" by the definition of one of your full power salad dressings, but compared to other Walden Farms dressings, this one is exceptionally creamy and I was shocked/impressed by this.

The next hurdle that I felt this dressing had no chance to leap was the one where they said it tasted like bacon (they did put the little "bacon" flecks in the dressing just to try and sell that it was bacon flavored).  Bacon can be a pretty strong flavor and I felt there was not any way that they'd be able to chemically re-create that in this dressing.  Happily, I was very much wrong.  While the flavor was not overpowering, you could definitely tell it was there and it was a nice pleasant little surprise.  Yes, I was wishing there was more of it, but in this case, I was just happy it was there.  I was pleased to be proven wrong.

Buy It of Fly By It?  I would say to BUY IT.  If you are a bacon freak and are looking for a low calorie alternative to the real thing, then this is a pretty good option.  You aren't going to be bowled over by the strength of the bacon flavor, but when you are looking for ways to cut calories, beggars cannot be choosers.

In hindsight, I should have known better than to doubt the ability of scientists to re-produce bacon flavored products out of seemingly nothing but chemicals.  There is a such thing as bacon flavored gum balls after all.


  1. Thanks for another great review - love the site!!

  2. I was hardcore into Atkins for a long time, so I used to think Walden Farms products were a God-send. Now that I'm back into the world of mostly eating what I please...I think they're really not that good. I haven't ever tried this flavor of dressing, but most of the salad dressings I tried were super watery. There are so many great salad dressings in the 15-50 calorie range, not to mention salad spritzers that you can use, that the zero calorie thing just isn't that appealing. If you want bacon flavor without the high calorie count, I totally recommend bacon salt. Just my two cents :)


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