Thursday, June 27, 2013

Review: Chobani flip Key Lime Crumble Greek Yogurt

In my last Chobani review of one of their new flip products, a reader recommended that I try the subject of today's review with this Chobani flip Key Lime Crumble Greek Yogurt.  She raved about how good it was, so with that kind of recommendation, I knew I had to try it out.  On a trip to Kroger soon after that, I saw Chobani products on sale for $1.00, so I went ahead and grabbed one to try.  This comes in a 5.3 ounces container and is 180 calories with eleven grams of protein.

Being that this is part of the flip line of Greek yogurt products, the packaging contains the typical two different compartments.  One compartment is for the Greek yogurt itself, which in this case was key lime flavored, so it had a slightly greenish hue to it.  It also carried a slight, but not strong lime smell, so they at least hit it on the presentation end.  On the other side compartment were the mix-ins, which in the case of this cup included honey graham cracker crumbles and white chocolate chips.  I expected to see cracker crumbles because I was thinking of the dessert namesake, but the presence of white chocolate chips was a stunning and very welcome addition in my mind.

As I'd think Chobani would want me to do, I proceeded to dump the two compartments together and stirred them up so that I could enjoy the full crumble experience.  While I think they were a bit stingy on the amount of crumbles and chips in this instance, it was at least a sufficient amount to allow for a breakup in texture in the Greek yogurt portion of the cup.  As for the flavor, well, it was pretty basic.  The yogurt itself was not as creamy as I'd typically expect from Chobani Greek yogurts, but it did have a slight key lime flavor that cancelled out the usual bitterness of Greek yogurts.  It was moderately sweet and when mixed with the lime flavor, it was just okay.  The crumbles and chips brought some nice crunch to the total package and also added a little additional sweetness as well.  The chips, with their sweetness, also had that melt-in-your-mouth characteristic that added a slight degree of fun, although not too much, to each spoonful in well.  It was a nice mix and it did remind me of the namesake dessert, but it did not do much else other than that for me.

Buy It or Fly By It?  I can't say that this one knocked my socks off like I was expecting after seeing the reader comment on my prior review.  That said, this really was not a bad product and it was tasty enough that I give it a BUY IT rating.  Saying that, I would say that if you have issues with limes, you are probably going to want to stay away from this because the lime might be a bit much for you.  This wouldn't be the type of product that would be frequent option on my plate, but it does provide for a nice change of pace and the crumble and chips did provide this with a slight degree of fun.



  1. Glad you're diggin' Key Lime Crumble! Wait until you see what other fun flavors we're coming out with in a few weeks. Hint: for a coconut lover like yourself, you're reaaaaally gonna love a new 6oz flavor we've got. :)

    Amy, @Chobani

    1. Now I'm intrigued after how much I loved the Almond Coco Loco flip product. Can't wait!

  2. You think greek yogurt is bitter? You must have some handicapped taste buds.

  3. muller quaker will sue them, for sure

  4. I love, love, love the Peach, Pistachio & Dark Chocolate flip - it's awesome!

  5. I'm sitting here eating one right now. It's delicious! Just the right amount of crumbles and the yogurt is awesome! Good job, Chobani!

  6. I thought this flavor wasn't great. I like some of the other flip flavors, but wouldn't buy this one again.

    The lime is kind of bitter. While the Graham crackers are obvious pairing for the crust and give crunch, the white chocolate didn't do much for me but make it sweet, but still not enough to hide the bitterness.

    Maybe they put the white of the lime peels in or something instead of just the zest. Yucky and bitter.

  7. I'm addicted to the Key Lime crumble. The white chocolate compliments the lime perfectly! The yogurt itself was a little runnier than expected but I'm completely fine with that. Overall I've been buying these nonstop

  8. The minute I put a spoonful of this stuff in my mouth my entire face puckered. It was so. freaking. SOUR! Eugh. I thought it was just a one-off with the lime flavor and tried the one with caramel yogurt. I had no idea it was possible to make caramel, one of the sweetest substances, taste sour but they certainly did! Nasty.

    I've eaten plenty of their Greek yogurt and fruit combos and none of them had that cringeworthy sourness. I even find Fage tolerable as long as I get a little bit of berry with every bite. But these? No amount of chocolate chips or graham cracker crumbles cut the sour!

  9. Wow, it's weird how different people's taste buds are. I definitely did not think this is too sour: I was like the reader who was blown away.

    I tried a couple other of these flip kinds on the same shopping trip and I thought there was one other one that was OK and then one that had salty crumbles of some kind that was terrible. This one was awesome, at least for my taste buds.


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